The occupation in the building trade brought me on the idea to use the materials processed in this branch also for other purposes.

Eckehard Siebert: after I discovered the passion to the painting, many years' studies and many experiments with materials and colours led me to a unique painting technology from the large-size and compact gypsum pictures at last explained as a bas-relief originated.

The only primarily on the regional level active interest in these art objects spread out on and on, so that it became possible to me for painting in the beginning as a coexhibitor and afterwards in extensive single exhibitions also outside from Munich to exhibit.

So, for example, the topical exhibition of the small Badenden in the "Friedoline – Regional. Kreativ. Nachhaltig." in the Admiral-Hipperstraße 8, Weilheim Obb., till October.
1993 – 95


ab 2007



Member of the artist's guild, Landsberg / Lech
Co-founder of the gallery in the literature office, Munich
Single exhibition Gallery of Gondwana, Berlin

Performance DER SCHIPPER
Munich at Friedensengel
The shovel of my father
/ The Schipper
Single exhibition BADETAGE
Gallery Gondwana, Berlin
Sales exhibition BADENDE
Gallery Wörthstraße, München
Sales exhibition BADENDE
In the biggest Media Markt of the world, Munich

Outdoors exhibition
K U L T U R N A C H T in Hohenstaufen