The painting technology:
developed by himself and unique.
The basic materials of these pictures are gypsum cardboard construction records, or Fermacellplatten and different gypsum kinds.
The works are explained as a bas-relief and are immured as a rule cleaning-shortly walled. In walls sunk they wake up recollections of the cave painting. This impression becomes increasingly by multi-layer applied gypsum kinds which are worked on afterwards in a spatula, dragging- and cockroach technology.
The contours of the representations held in earth tones are strengthened by the reserved application of primary colours and the specific use of varnish.
Putzbündig eingemauert bekommen diese Bilder eine zusätzliche Wertigkeit.
Come true your small or big picture wish or use these gypsum pictures as a present. A unique specimen of this special kind is pleased by increased value this not only to ceremonious occasions.